7 Deadly sins of your summer holiday!

Wrath – Bar Fighting

A study carried out by the European Institute of Studies on Prevention has shown that the British are the worst nation foe fighting on holiday. We have all gotten angry when someone pushes us at a nightclub, but what is it about being on holiday that makes people’s tempers so short?

Professor Kate Dodge who teaches Psychology and Human Behaviour at  Bangor University says “People let go of their inhibitions on holiday and drink more alcohol than they usually would. This causes all emotions to be heightened, including anger and annoyance.”

The study also found out that arrests on British women abroad for drunken brawling are 15 per cent higher than 2009.

Envy – Bikini Envy

Don’t sit by the pool bitterly looking at all the girls who you think look better than you in their swimming costumes.

Not only will this make you feel inferior and self conscious, it won’t change how you look.

Remember, there is always someone who looks worse than you. But if you feel the need to shape up for your holiday, see our bikini diets.


Sloth – Lazing on Sun beds

Every girl on holiday wants to look like a sun kissed goddess, so spending your holiday lazing around on a sun bed might seem like heaven. But you never know what local culture or fun you might be missing in the new place you are visiting.

It is also important to remember, if you are going to spend a lot of time in the sun to use sunscreen. The Dermatology Association recommends adults use no less that SPF 15 and Children should use at least  SPF50 in any country where the sun is strong.

Gluttony – Excess consumption on holiday

Everybody over eats on their holidays. With all inclusive deals or foreign food to tempt you, it’s not surprising. However this can result in sickness or indigestion, and nobody wants a dodgy stomach abroad.

It is not just food we over-indulge on abroad either. Britons are the worst country for binge drinking abroad. This can be dangerous and costly, especially if you were to be injured because of a drunken accident abroad. Without the right insurance your holiday could be a lot more costly then it should be.

Lust – Safe sex on Holiday

It is important to practice safe sex on holiday, because even if the hunky waiter will stay in the country, an STI or unwanted pregnancy won’t. This happened to Kelly C* who only found out she had caught Chlamydia whilst on holiday after being tested when she came back to England. She said “I was so drunk, the thought of protection barely crossed my mind. I felt so lucky when I got my test results back. It could be cleared up with antibiotics, and I didn’t end up with a baby, or like HIV.” Condoms are the only form of protection that will stop you from catching STI’s as well as preventing pregnancies.

Pride – Taking Britain Abroad

A survey carried out by holiday company Airtours described Brits abroad as “Patriotic to the point of fanaticism.” It also found out that 1% of Britons even take their teabags with them!

When you’re abroad, don’t be afraid to try out the local cuisine, instead of eating fish and chips or a fry up. Make an effort to go to the local bars, instead of heading for the one with all the English flags outside of it. You might find something you prefer!

Greed – Spending too much money on holiday

Going on holiday is expensive. To save yourself money on holiday, plan your activities before you go. This means you can budget, and save in advance.

It is sensible to take extra money in case of emergencies, but don’t be tempted to spend it whilst you are away. If you still; have it when your holiday is over, then you can buy something nice at duty free, or put it towards your next holiday!

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