Festival Frenzy

Festival Frenzy


This time every year thousands of students across the country, are online or on the phone trying to buy tickets to a festival where their favourite bands and artists are playing, from V-fest to Glastonbury there is a festival to suit everyone. If this happens to be your first year going to a festival do not despair Poise are here to help. We have been out on the streets, and asking our friends to find out what are their top tips are for a fabulous hassle free festival weekend.


1-      Wellies are an essential for any festival goer, they keep your feet are snug and dry for the whole weekend.

2-      Tent, I think this speaks for itself really!


3-      Sleeping bag, to keep you nice and cosy in your tent.


4-      First Aid Kit, with paracetamol, waterproof plaster, antihistamine and after bite.


5-      Padlock and Key, it may seem silly as it is only  tent, and if they wanted your things badly enough they could get it. But it’s always better to at least make the effort to keep your things safe!


6-      Waterproof clothing, we all know how unpredictable whether in the UK can be.


7-      Jumper, to snuggling into on the cold evenings. That’s if you’re alone of course!


8-      SUNCREAM!! This is one thing everyone always forgets, you may not be in the south of France but the sun will still burn you!


9-      Sun hat, yes I did just say sunhat. Don’t worry about looking out of place; after all you will be in the middle of a field with thousands of people that haven’t really showered in days!


10-   Dry shampoo. This creation is a god send for us fashion conscious hippies, who are wanting to both live in the moment but to also look good doing it.


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