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Zanté, Ibiza, Cyprus, Rhodes and Majorca are just a few of the most popular places students have been travelling to during the summer months. Searching for a holiday fling; and crazy adventures is every student’s idea of a good holiday. Or at least it was… is it true students are no longer chasing the boozy, sexually exhilarating, sun, sea and sand holiday experience?

It appears that the rein of the student binge drinking holiday has finally come to its end, and students are opting for more culturally aware holidays. I have been speaking to Jennifer Marsden (Age 28, from Lincoln) an adviser at one of the UK’s largest Travel Agents Thomson, to find out her opinion on where the top student hot spots are currently at in 2011, and also why she believes they have changed.

‘…for a students I believe a holiday have always been their way of escaping rules, and their parents. But nowadays when students come in to ask for advice holidays, they tend to ask what can they get for their money, rather than where is the cheapest and best place I can get drunk and get a tan…’ said Jennifer Marsden.

Jennifer hits the nail right on the head, in today’s society students are more inclined to be careful with their money, because of the economic crisis we have been having over the past few years, and are still having now. Students want to know that they are getting a deal for their money. Speaking to the university students used earlier in Poise’s fashion segment (pages & ), they agreed, stating,

‘…It’s all well and good going on a girly drinking holiday, but if you can spend the same amount of money and go somewhere that you can go on nights out and experience a new culture during the day, then I would always choose the latter option…’ Jodie Bartlett (age 20).

‘I think this could due to the diverse society that we live in today…’ Jennifer Marsden. Students by nature are curious, and maybe Jennifer is right in that the way our society is today and the way we live, it is only natural that people wonder what it would be like to live a different way, and to want to experience it for themselves not just read about it.  Jennifer gave me the top 5 destination Thomson are suggesting if students are looking for a more cultural experience.


1- Atakoy in Turkey

2- Taormina in Sicily

3- Barcelona in Spain

4- Prague in Czech Republic

5- Luxor in Egypt

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