Summer Reading

Summer Reading

This summer get your teeth into one of our four favorite summer reads, with witty anecdotes that will have you in fits of laughter, to emotional turmoil that will have you crying along with the characters, you are bound to be addicted with in minutes.


‘Belle de Jour: Playing The Game’ is the third in a series of books following the life of a London call girl. Belle’s explicit, funny, articulate and eye-popping style of writing has captivated audiences all over the world. And if you have yet to start reading, then hurry up

and get to it!

Throughout the book Belle de Jour is frank, refreshingly honest, and bursting with both advice and anecdotes. It is the perfect holiday accessory every girl is after, with reflections in her inimitable tones, this is a novel filled with indecent wit and more than a little lust to entertain you by the pool.


‘Can you keep s Secret?’ by the award winning author Sophie Kinsella, is a one off chick lit novel that follows the story of  the ditzy Emma Corrigan. A working woman whose life is filled with many insignificant, amusing and cringe worthy secrets.

Kinsella’s sharp, witty and hilarious manner shines incandescen

tly throughout the book. This light-hearted romance novel is addictive, engaging, laugh out loud funny and easy to read, the ideal kind of book to take on holiday and read on the beach.


‘Lipstick jungle’ is another hit book by the talented author Candace Bushnell, the writer of the hit TV series ‘Sex and The City

’. Filled with witty anecdotes, sex and fall outs the book follows the lives of three successful working women in their every day endeavours.

Bushnell describes her new heroines Victory Ford, Nico O’Neily and Wendy Healy as ‘fierce, funny and flawed’, and as she follows them through the minefield of work, love and life on top. Sun, sea and ‘Lipstick Jungle’, it’s the perfect holiday combination for every girl.


From the writer of ‘PS, I Love You’ and ‘Where Rainbows End’ comes the magical novel ‘A Place Called Here’ by the award winning novelist Cecilia Ahern. This exceptional novel shares with us the life of Sandy Shortt, her bereavement, friendships and lost love, is both heartbreaking and uplifting.

A book that will make you both wonder and imagine, an enchanted tale about keeping, letting go and losing in life, but also about remembering one’s roots and love. Yet another phenomenal novel from Cecelia Ahern, whose writing seems able mirror a deep and convincing examination of life’s biggest and unanswered questions. It’s a contemporary fairytale that will make your heart race; this book is every girl’s best friend this summer.

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