Festival Frenzy

Festival Frenzy


This time every year thousands of students across the country, are online or on the phone trying to buy tickets to a festival where their favourite bands and artists are playing, from V-fest to Glastonbury there is a festival to suit everyone. If this happens to be your first year going to a festival do not despair Poise are here to help. We have been out on the streets, and asking our friends to find out what are their top tips are for a fabulous hassle free festival weekend.


1-      Wellies are an essential for any festival goer, they keep your feet are snug and dry for the whole weekend.

2-      Tent, I think this speaks for itself really!


3-      Sleeping bag, to keep you nice and cosy in your tent.


4-      First Aid Kit, with paracetamol, waterproof plaster, antihistamine and after bite.


5-      Padlock and Key, it may seem silly as it is only  tent, and if they wanted your things badly enough they could get it. But it’s always better to at least make the effort to keep your things safe!


6-      Waterproof clothing, we all know how unpredictable whether in the UK can be.


7-      Jumper, to snuggling into on the cold evenings. That’s if you’re alone of course!


8-      SUNCREAM!! This is one thing everyone always forgets, you may not be in the south of France but the sun will still burn you!


9-      Sun hat, yes I did just say sunhat. Don’t worry about looking out of place; after all you will be in the middle of a field with thousands of people that haven’t really showered in days!


10-   Dry shampoo. This creation is a god send for us fashion conscious hippies, who are wanting to both live in the moment but to also look good doing it.


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Fake, a fashion faux pas?

Is natural beauty a thing of the past?  Casual hairstyles and neutral makeup are set to make an appearance this season, but the look on the street is fake, fake, fake.


Is natural beauty a thing of the past?  Casual hairstyles and neutral makeup are set to make an appearance this season, but the look on the street is fake, fake, fake.

It seems that we are no longer getting our fashion styling tips from the catwalks of London, Paris, Milan and New York, but from “trashy reality T.V shows”

A new phenomenon has hit the U.K in the form of The Only Way Is Essex. If you haven’t heard of it, where have you been?

Think The Hills but swap Malibu Barbie for stereotypical Essex bimbos, with skin that looks orange, Hair extensions that look too long and too many eyelashes to ever be passed off as natural.  

The programme appears to be light hearted and humorous of the traditional Essex girl stereotype, but instead of laughing along with it more and more girls are mimicking the fake look.

Unable to comprehend the fascination with looking like you have spent hours in the front of the mirror, I decided to try doing it for myself. Hair extensions, fake tan nails and eyelashes at the ready, I’m ready to go, well more like I’m ready to start.

Diane after spending hours getting ready


6pm: I decided to start getting ready early as I figured  that I had a lot to do to myself, but first I had a glass of wine, hey I was going out remember!

6:30pm: After showering I blow dried my hair and reached for my new hair extensions, I couldn’t help but spare a thought for the poor European girl that they came from. As I began to clip them in I felt a sense of achievement that they were going right, this was short lived though.

6:55pm. I finally managed to make my own hair cover the clips of my extensions, but managed to pull half of them out when I straightened my own hair over the top of them. Note to self straighten own hair first.

7:00pm: I had a short break for another glass of wine, looking in the mirror so much made me thirsty.

7:10pm: I hit the bathroom armed with a fake tan mitt to coat my naturally pale skin with an ugly dark brown liquid, apparently known as self tan.

7:30pm: After somehow getting my hair extensions stuck to my own skin, I was finally bronzed or rather orange, depending on how you want to look at it.

8:10pm: My face completely piled with makeup of every kind and a nasty battle with false eyelashes later, I was ready.

8:30pm: I forgot about putting false nails on, I tried to stick them on, they fell off I binned them.

10:30pm: I went to the ladies in my favourite bar to discover one of my eyelashes was hanging off in the corner; I didn’t bring the glue with me so I ripped them off. My natural eyelashes were stuck together and there was nothing that I could do about it.

11:15pm: somebody spilt a V.K down my leg and my instant fake tan instantly disappeared, I turn into a diva and stormed off home.

Verdict : I hate fake.

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Happiness in a bottle (or a pot, or a compact…)

Happiness in a bottle (or a pot, or a compact…)


From Calvin Klein to Mark Jacobs this summer’s catwalk make-up has all been about natural shades and colours, fashion may be bright but your makeup shouldn’t be.


Using a light moisturizing foundation like Clarins Skin Illusion Natural radiance (£24) for a day look that will help to even out your skin tone and give a great base to work with, add Benefits Bella Bamba Blush (£23.50) to give your face a naturally healthy glow. Using Clinique’s Limited Edition- Pretty in Prints Compact (£25) will brighten up your eyes; finish them off with a black Fabulous Lash: Miss Sporty Mascara (£2.99) to frame. And finally tie the look together by Benefit Posie Tint Lip Stain (£24)


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It’s time to tan

With summer just around the corner, things are looking up; you can drink cocktails in the day, buy a new bikini and dig out your sunglasses.  There’s only one problem with this seemingly blissful season, you’re as pale as Casper the friendly ghost, what a disaster.

It’s time to fake it, your tan that is. A sexy sun kissed glow is a must have this season and it is easily achievable with tanning products that can be found on the high street. No matter what your skin tone, your budget or your time frame there’s a product out there for you. So no excuses, happy tanning!

If you only have 10 minutes….

Instant fake tan products are a lifesaver. Need a quick fix for a last minute night out, a sudden outfit change, or are you just prone to tanning mishaps? Then instant tanners are perfect for you.

Not only are they quick and easy to apply, they dry fast, give you an instant bronzed goddess look and if it all goes wrong, they simply washes off with water.

rimmel instant tan

Rimmel Sun shimmer instant tan is a steal at just £6.12 from Superdrug. It comes in three shades fair, light and medium and a choice of a matte or shimmer finish.  It lasts 24hours hours and is transfer resistant.

fake bake beyond bronze instant

New from fake bake, Beyond Bronze Instant is £10.20 from Boots and comes in three shades light, medium and brown. It’s nicely fragranced and absorbs quickly, meaning streaks are a thing of the past!

If you want to build up your tan “naturally”…

Opt for a gradual tan product. These develop over a number of hours and can be topped up daily to gradually darken the colour.

st tropez gradual tan


ST Tropez gradual tan £20.43 from Debenhams, is an odourless spray. It is easy to apply and dries quickly. Their is no colour guide, your tan will intensify over a number of hours. It can be used everyday to achieve the colour that you desire.

clinique self sun tan


Clinique self sun body and face tanners are £16 each from Boots.They offer and instant glow with a more intense tan developing a few hours later. They come in two shades fair/light and medium/deep.

If you want just a hint of sunshine…

 Then self tan moisturisers are for you.  Replace your usually moisturiser this summer with one of these self tanning ones. They leave your skin luxuriously smooth and add just a hint of colour, so natural looking no one will ever know that your glow is from a bottle.

johnsons holiday skin


Johnson’s holiday skin is £7.14 from Boots and comes in two shades, light to medium and medium to dark. It’s enriched with Aloe Vera to give your skin a healthy moisture boost whilst gradually building at natural looking tan which develops over 3-4days.

dove summer glow


Dove summer glow £5.19 from Superdrug comes in two shades, light to normal skin and medium to dark skin.  This product combines the traditional Dove moisturiser with a hint of self tanning agent and when used every day it develops into a natural looking streak free tan.

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Halfterm Holidays

Student holidays


Zanté, Ibiza, Cyprus, Rhodes and Majorca are just a few of the most popular places students have been travelling to during the summer months. Searching for a holiday fling; and crazy adventures is every student’s idea of a good holiday. Or at least it was… is it true students are no longer chasing the boozy, sexually exhilarating, sun, sea and sand holiday experience?

It appears that the rein of the student binge drinking holiday has finally come to its end, and students are opting for more culturally aware holidays. I have been speaking to Jennifer Marsden (Age 28, from Lincoln) an adviser at one of the UK’s largest Travel Agents Thomson, to find out her opinion on where the top student hot spots are currently at in 2011, and also why she believes they have changed.

‘…for a students I believe a holiday have always been their way of escaping rules, and their parents. But nowadays when students come in to ask for advice holidays, they tend to ask what can they get for their money, rather than where is the cheapest and best place I can get drunk and get a tan…’ said Jennifer Marsden.

Jennifer hits the nail right on the head, in today’s society students are more inclined to be careful with their money, because of the economic crisis we have been having over the past few years, and are still having now. Students want to know that they are getting a deal for their money. Speaking to the university students used earlier in Poise’s fashion segment (pages & ), they agreed, stating,

‘…It’s all well and good going on a girly drinking holiday, but if you can spend the same amount of money and go somewhere that you can go on nights out and experience a new culture during the day, then I would always choose the latter option…’ Jodie Bartlett (age 20).

‘I think this could due to the diverse society that we live in today…’ Jennifer Marsden. Students by nature are curious, and maybe Jennifer is right in that the way our society is today and the way we live, it is only natural that people wonder what it would be like to live a different way, and to want to experience it for themselves not just read about it.  Jennifer gave me the top 5 destination Thomson are suggesting if students are looking for a more cultural experience.


1- Atakoy in Turkey

2- Taormina in Sicily

3- Barcelona in Spain

4- Prague in Czech Republic

5- Luxor in Egypt

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